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The activities below will help you explore the cause and effects of the Haiti earthquake.

Activity 1 - Song for Haiti

Watch the video for the charity song Helping Haiti here. Describe the feelings and emotions you experienced when watching the video.

Activity 2 - Location

a. Describe the location of Haiti. You should describe its geographical location (including lines of latitude and longitude, continent, situation in terms of other countries, bodies of water etc).

b. Describe the geography of tectonic plates around Haiti. Describe the location of the epicentre of the earthquake.

Haiti Earthquake Map
Source: BBC

Activity 3 - Cause

What was the cause of the Haiti earthquake? Include a map and a diagram to support your explanation.

Activity 4 - Economic Development

a. How developed is Haiti? Create a table like the one below and use the CIA World Factbook to complete it.

  Haiti Sweden Papua New Guinea Your Country
Birth Rate        
Literacy Rate        
Child Labour        

b. What does this data say about Haiti's level of development?

c. What was the effect of Haiti's economic development on the impact of the earthquake? You could have a look at this page by the BBC for help if you need it.

Activity 5 - Effects

a. What are the short term (immediate) effects of the earthquake?

b. What were the long term effects of the earthquake?

c. What were the main reasons why the earthquake was so devestating? You can find out more on the BBC website.

Activity 6 - Aid

What aid was provided and how important was this?

Find out how Aid Agencies supported earthquake victims here.

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