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GCSE Geography Coursework  
GCSE / Coursework / Chapter 4
GCSE Geography:

Coursework Outline
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Method

Chapter 3 - Data Presentation

Chapter 4 - Data Interpretation

Chapter 5 - Conclusions

Chapter 6 - Evaluation

Guide to Chapter 4 - Data Interpretation

After each graph/map/diagram etc. you should:

o Describe or put into words what the results show

o Try to explain and give reasons for the patterns shown in the results

o Identify any links between the data collected e.g. is there a link between the results of the tax disc survey and the location of the people interviewed in the questionnaire?

o How do the results fit in with the theory you wrote about in Chapter 1?

Top tips:

o Write your interpretations below or next to the graph/map you are describing.

o Make sure you have made references to numerical data e.g. the bar graph shows 4 people travelled from Manchester

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