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Revision - Test Yourself - Glaciation - Foundation

Instructions - Either download a copy of these questions here or complete the questions on paper.

Work your way through the questions below. When you have completed the exam questions click answers at the bottom to mark your paper.

2. Glacial Landscapes

(A) Study Figure 1, a cross section through a corrie (cirque) during glaciation.

Figure 1


(i) On figure 1, name the features shown at A and B.

(2 marks)

(ii) Using figure 1, explain how a corrie is formed. You may use diagrams to help you.

(4 marks)

(iii) Only one of the following statements is correct. Which is the correct statement?

A. Corries are only found in lowland are of Britain.

B. Corries are mostly found on north facing slopes in upland areas of Britain.

C. The majority of corries are found in the south and east of Britain

(1 mark)

(iv) Name three leisure activities people do in areas of upland glacial scenery

(3 marks)

(V) What can be done to reduce the impact of humans in areas of upland glacial scenery

(4 marks)

Total - 14 marks


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