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Farming Terms Farming dictionary by the NFU
The Green Revolution - Definition  
The Green Revolution - India  
Irrigated Rice  
MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries  
Rice Web  
Rice World - open your eyes to rice  


Flags of all countries A site developed by USA Immigration
Flags of The World  

Field Work

Chi Squared  
Questionnaires in Fieldwork  
Spearman Rank  


Regions in France  


GIS - Geographical Information Systems

GIS Net links  

Geography - reference and links

Bald Eagle GeoResources  
Basic Geography Links  
Definitive Geographical Links from about.com About.com
Geography Glossary About.com
Geographical Association  
Geography at About.com   An excellent site which contains many geography links and resources brought to you from About.com (formerly the Mining.CO.)
Geography Links Curriculum adventures
The Geography Site  
Geography Departments World-wide  
Geography Links  
Geography Links at Eduweb  
Geography Pages The School Page
Geography Standard Grade Scottish Standard Grade and GCSE Geography. Lots of links and interactive games.
Geography World An outstanding Geography Site. A vast range of links and activities.
Helping your child learn geography  
Kai's Geography Links  
Nelson/Thornes Geography Nelson/Thornes publishers provide a range of resources for geographers
National Geographic  
The Geography Portal  An excellent site. Well recommended!

Geography Games

Country and Capitals Quiz
Geography Games  
Geography Games
Geography World Concentration Game - Tectonics  
Geography World - Flashcards Game  
Geography World - Matching Game - Tectonics  
Geography World - Matching Game  
Geography World - Wordsearch Puzzle - Tectonics  
Key Stage 3 Geography Quizzes  
Physical geography Quiz  
United Kingdom Quiz  
USA quiz  
Water quiz  

GCSE Revision

Coasts revision vocabulary  
Freeserve Revision An excellent set of resources to help with revision. Lots of gap fill exercises and exam questions that can be completed off-line then marked online
GCSE BITESIZE Revision BBC GCSE Geography revision site.
GCSE Revision - Glaciation NEAB Syllabus A revision booklets Three revision books produced by staff at Castleford High School Technology College.
Homework Resource GCSE and A-Level notes
Project GCSE - Revision This site is a revision site for ALL subjects!
Revision techniques - mind mapping


A superb revision site containing lots of revision notes. Many of the pages contain flash animations. There are also lots of practice exam questions.



Alpine Glaciers
How glaciers erode and transport sediment Geography Exchange
GCSE Revision - Glaciation  
Glacial deposition features  
Glacial revision vocabulary  
Glacial Terminology Glaciers - features of alpine glaciation
Glaciers and Glaciation Lots of glaciation resources here! Recommended!
Glaciers, ice sheets and icebergs - Net links  
Glacier Quiz  
Helvellyn 360° 3D view of Helvellyn
Helvellyn Pictures
How glaciers form and flow  
Illustrated Glossary of Alpine  
Glacial Landforms  
Introduction to Glaciation  
Ice caps
Ice Paper Model  
Practice glaciers test  
Valley Glaciers  

Global Fashion Industry

Simsweat Shop Interactive sweat shop game.
Trading trainers and the trading game Reviews of trading trainers and the trading game by students at Hampstead Comprehensive school, London.
The Global Fashion industry A superb case study by Global Eye.
Unfair Trade A web site set up by Noel Jenkins and his students at Hampstead Comprehensive school who were features on the Mark Thomas Product. The site highlights human issues surrounding global trade. An excellent example of good practice.
Nike Links
Below are a series of links to web sites/pages concerned with the exploitation of Indonesian factory workers producing trainers for Nike's subcontractors.
Boycott Nike A focus on Nike in Vietnam
Guardian Unlimited - Net Notes for Nike An online guide covering the 2001 report by the Global Alliance for workers and communities into the working conditions of Indonesia factory workers producing Nike trainers.
Global Exchange - Nike Campaign A campaign by Global Exchange (a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting people-to-people ties around the world) targeting the exploitation of factory workers by Nike. You should take a look at the frequently asked questions section on this site for information about Nike. The links page contains lots of links to web sites and pages related to this area.
Global Alliance for workers and communities report - Nike in Indonesia The 2001 report based on interviews with workers in 17 factories in Indonesia that highlighted the unacceptable working conditions of many employees. The report was partly funded by Nike who contributed £5.4m to the study.
Global Fashion Industry Links Lots of links to sites associated with the global fashion industry by Clean Slate Geography Resources.
Nike Nike homepage
Nike - Code of conduct The Labour Code of conduct
Nike article in the New York Times Nike Shoe Plant in Vietnam Is Called Unsafe for Workers.....


Globalisation and Trade Article by Global Eye.
Global Warming  
Climatic Change Excellent overview of 'Global Warming'- broken into three sections.
EPA Global Warming Site  
Global Warming  
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