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Homework Central  
Homework Elephant  
Homework Elephant -Geography Page  
Homework High Channel 4 Homework Help Site

Hull and its local area

Aerial Photographs of Hull  
The North East History Pages  
Hull 700 Links Links to Hull sites
Hull Weather Forecast  
Hull's Fishing Industry - Heritage in Photographs  
Virtual Hull This one is for the locals!!


Global Fashion Industry Links
Industry - Revision BBC Bitesize revision - A good overview of industry
Italia on-line  


Italia on-line
Italy - A brief overview Information about working, studying, and living in Italy
Italy CIA World Fact Book
Italy - Background Notes  
Italy - Info Please!  
Italy for visitors  
Italy - Lonely Planet Background and tourist information about Italy



Japan - CIA World Fact Book  
Japan Festival Education Trust Japan Festival Education Trust is a registered educational charity which was set up in 1992 in response to the great interest shown by schools involved in the Japan Festival 1991. It aims to support teachers of any subject or age group in the UK wishing to teach about Japan.
Japan In Figures Detailed statistics on Japan
Japan Information Network  
Japanese National Tourist Organisation  
Kobe Earthquake 1995  
Kids web - Japan Lots of Information on Japan
Minimata Bay disaster  
The way we are Photos and illustrations highlighting the immense variety of lifestyles and personalities of Japanese high school students.


Kenya CIA World Fact Book
Kenya map, flag, anthem and weather  
Kenya Web The Kenya's Definitive Internet Resource
Links2Go Kenya  


Limestone - see:

Rock, Geology and Geomorphology



About.com Blank Outline Maps Look no further if you are in need of a blank outline maps of any country in the world.
City Maps A great site containing links to maps of many of the world's largest cities
Countries Listings and information from Infoplease
Country listings CIA World Fact Book
CIA world fact book Contains information and statistics on every country in the world!
Excite Maps  
Images of the earth from NASA  
Map Quest  
Outline Maps  
Outline Maps  
Working with maps
Xerox Parc Map Viewer If you want to create a map this site is excellent
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