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National Parks

Council for NPs  
National Parks of England Countryside Agency
Brecon Beacons National Park  
The Peak District National Park  
The Peak District National Park - Map  
The Peak District National Park - Castleton - A Tourist Village?  

Natural Hazards and Plate Tectonics


Plate Tectonics  
Alfred Wegener  
Alfred Wegener  
Continental Drift and Plate tectonics  
CTI centre for Geography, Natural Hazards and Disasters  
Experience Disasters  
Discovery Online - Planet Earth  
Earth - Interesting Facts about the Earth  
Femma for kids - Disaster area  
Folding, faulting and mountains  
Pacific ring of fire A map of the Pacific ring of fire
Pacific Ring of Fire - geography at About.com  
Pacific ring of fire A map of the Pacific ring of fire
Pacific - Ring of Fire An excellent article on the BBC News Web Site
Plate tectonics A straight forward easy to understand site about plate tectonics
Plate tectonics  
Plate tectonics  
Plate tectonics and continental drift  
Plate tectonics - the cause of earthquakes  
Plates of the world  
Structure of the earth Detailed information on the structure of the earth
Structure of the earth  
Structure of a composite volcano  
This Dynamic Earth  
Earth changes - Volcanoes  
Images of Volcanoes  
Italy's Volcanoes A huge range of resources about Italy's volcanoes. Recommended!
Kid's Guide to Volcanoes  
Montserrat volcano observatory  
Mount Etna  
Mount Pinatubo The earth shook and the day turned to night
Mount Pinatubo The revered mountains, the feared volcano
Mount Pinatubo The sleeping giant awakens
Mount St. Helens  
Mount St. Helens Photo archives
Mount St Helens  
Narrative of Mount St. Helens Very good case study information.
Volcanic humour  
Volcanic photo glossary  
Volcano World A great site. Colourful and packed with up to date information
Volcanoes A great site - Easy to understand
Volcanoes A great site about the location of volcanoes
Volcanoes - Earth Changes  
Volcanoes Online A brilliant site about plate tectonics and volcanoes. This site includes a data base of volcanoes, games and the comic adventures of Galvin.
Why do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?  
1994 Northridge Earthquake The 1994 California earthquake.
California has its faults  
Current earthquakes  
Detecting earthquakes  
Earthquakes - A great site - easy to understand!  
Earthquakes - Eyewitness Accounts  
Earthquake Myths  
Earthquakes - The Richter Scale  
Earthquakes - Why the earth shakes  
Electronic Volcano  
Eye witness accounts of earthquakes  
Global earthquake map  
Global earthquake report  
Global Earthquake Response Centre  
Kobe earthquake Excellent case study information on the 1995 earthquake.
Kobe earthquake Video clip of the earthquake
Largest earthquakes in the USA  
Mercalli scale  
Predicting Earthquakes  
Richter scale  
San Andreas fault zone  
Turkish Earthquake  
Turkish Earthquake Pics  
Understanding Earthquakes - Animation  
Why do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?  
Tsunami - USGS Menu page - lots of information  
Tsunami A great site - easy to understand
Natural Hazards  
Natural Disasters Project A fantastic overview of natural disasters - Easy to understand!
Savage Earth Online  
Why do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?  

Newly Industrialised Countries

The Asian economies  
The Pacific Rim  
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