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Air pollution An excellent site about air pollution. Great for Science and Geography
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill  


Demographia Demographics, Development impacts and urban planning
Demographic data  
Demographic Transition Model - 1  
Historical world population growth  
History of human population growth  
How many people can the earth support?  
International Population Pyramids  
IDB Population Statistics  
IDB Summary Demographic Data  
Malthus' essay on population  
Malthus' population theory  
Population Clock  
Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

A definitive guide to population issues. The site contains a range of invaluable resources for example:
The Population Story

The graphs and figures in this notebook and accompanying notes describe major demographic trends for the world and its regions throughout history and into the next century.
World population data sheet
Educators Forum

The World of Child Six Billion

World Resources Institute  
Population pyramids Population pyramids of every country in the world - EXCELLENT
Population Pyramid Animation  
US Census Bureau World population A very interesting site. Tell the site your age and it will tell you how many people there were in the world when you were born! The site also includes some fantastic animations. Strongly recommended!!
World population concentration  

World population density


World population from 1950 to 2050

World population growth  
World Overpopulation Awareness  
World urban areas population and density 1991  
Regions in France  




Amazon Interactive  
Deforestation in the Amazon  
Play with a tree frog in South America  
Rainforest alliance A very good rainforest site.
Rainforest Action Network A range of resources related to the rainforest. Check out the Kids' Corner!
Rainforest Links Lot's of links to web sites about tropical rainforests
Science in the Rainforest Take a walk in the Rainforest
Science in the Rainforest Tropical Rainforest Animals
The Causes of Tropical Deforestation  
The Rainforest Kids action Questions and answers
The Rainforest Workshop  

Rivers and Water

The Water Cycle
Rivers and River Basins
How the hydrological cycle works
A straighforward page about the water cycle - a good diagram illustrating the process.

The hydrological Cycle
More detailed and advanced information about the hydrological cycle - covers the main processes in depth

Fluvial revision vocabulary
Key terminology from the Geography Exchange

River links

River systems of the world

Rivers and flooding

Rivers - From Source to Sea

Rivers of The World

Running Water

The Watershed Game

Which river runs through it?

Water quiz


Water pollution

Case Study:
The River Nile
Case Study: Ganges/Brahmaputra
Case Study:
Floods 2000 (UK)

Nile Delta

Aswan Dam
Overview of the project. The page includes some good satelite photgraphs.

Aswan Dam Project
An excellent overview of the Aswan Dam project .

The Aswan High Dam on the River nile, Egypt
A straightforward overview of the Aswan Dam from Matt - the Geography Guide @ about.com. The article covers the main aspects of the construction and the advantages and disadvantages of the dam.




Rocks, Geology and Geomorphology

Geological Society  
Limestone scenery  
Malham - Yorkshire  
The Malham Area of the Yorkshire Dales  
Upland Limestone An impressive site by the BBC. It contains lots of flash animation. It doesn't get much better than this!


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