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Migration Quiz

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Answer the questions below

  1. The movement of people from one place to another is called.......    

  2. Rural to urban migration is the movement of people from...    

  3. Immigrants usually locate where in British Cities?    

  4. Which of the following is a push factor in rural to urban migration?    

  5. Which of the following is a pull factor in rural to urban migration?    

  6. When people have no choice but to move e.g. Albanians in Kosovo, what is this called?    

  7. In most developed countries many people are moving from urban to rual areas. What is this process known as?    

  8. When people move back into inner cities areas and improve the housing this is known as...    

  9. Urbanisation is now more rapid in.....    

  10. Shopping centres have migrated to the edge of cities. Why is this?    

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