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Natural Hazards Quiz


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Answer the questions below

  1. Most people are killed in earthquakes because in less economically developed countries:    

  2. "Powerful aftershocks rocked the city last night and many fires burned out of control. Streets were full of rubble from ruined buildings, and at least 24 people died." Which natural disaster is described in the newspaper report?    

  3. Which two statements are true?    

  4. What name is given to the area of calm at the centre of a tropical storm?    

  5. What is lava?    

  6. What is magma?    

  7. What is a lahar?    

  8. What scale is used to measure the strength of earthquakes?    

  9. Volcanoes occur on which of the following plate margins?    

  10. What happens at a destructive plate margin?    

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