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Using our videos in your classroom
Anthony Bennett 15/02/10

There are a number of ways you can use our videos in your classroom. Obviously, you can show them to your learners demonstrate a range of things within geography. Useful, but not the most engaging use of the videos. We recommend the learners actually edit the videos. This could involve combining clips, adding text and voice narration to explain what is shown in the video clips.

To do this you will first need to download the video clips. The video clips are in .flv format (Flash Video). Now it can be very difficult editing videos in this format unless you are fairly competent in using Adobe Flash. If not the easiest way to edit the videos is to convert them into a different file format. If you are going to use Windows Movie Maker to edit the videos then you should convert the clips to .wmv. We recommend free software to do this called Format Factory. You could also convert the videos online once you have downloaded them. A quick google search using the following terms brings up lots of results: convert flv to wmv online free. However, this method will probably take longer than using software like Format Factory.

Once you have your videos in a suitable file format e.g. wmv you can use software such as Windows Movie Maker which will probably be on your home PC or school network as standard.If you have never used Window Movie Maker before you can find tutorials on the Microsoft Website.

If you do not have Windows Movie Maker there are a number of other solutions available. Microsoft have just released a new version of Movie Maker as part of its Windows Live Software suite. You can download it from the Microsoft Site for free here. Be warned - this software is very different to the old version of Windows Movie Maker. This website has a good video tutorial for this software. Other free software available for video editing include Video Spin, onetruemedia.com and wax.

If you are unsure how you can use our videos please take a look at our terms and conditions of use.

If you are looking to capture video we have only one recommendation. That is the Flip Video camera. All the videos we have captured for the site so far have been using a Flip Video. If you are interested in buying a Flip Video we recommend using Amazon. If you are contemplating buying one please click the shameless advert below. Not only will you be able to buy a quality item at a good price you will also help in terms of providing us with sponsorship fees to support the hosting of the site.

If you have and questions or have captured any video you would be prepared to share please let us know at webmaster@learnontheinternet.co.uk

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