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The following resources have been developed to support the Global Fashion Industry unit developed by the QCA.

Links to sites related to this topic can be found here.

Global Fashion Industry Scheme of Work
(52 KB) MS Word Format
Based on the QCA SOW. Adapted by Alison Heyes.
Nike Trainers
(46 KB) MS Word Format
A word document containing images of two Nike trainers. One says "just do it" the other says "just don't do it". The students are to write onto the trainers the advantages and disadvantages of Nike using factories in LEDCs. The trainers can then be cut out and displayed all over the classroom.
Global Fashion Industry Lesson Starter
(69 KB) MS Word Format
An exercise about the global fashion industry to begin a lesson.
Global Fashion Industry Newspaper Article
(46 KB) MS Word Format
Outline of a newspaper article for students to write. National Curriculum Levels are prescribed.
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