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The following resources are aimed at Key Stage 3 students, particularly Year 7. It is a study into a more economically developed country. The resources are a little old now. However, they may provide useful ideas.

Italy - SOW
(45 KB) MS Word Format
Italy Scheme of Work - 2000.
Italy Lesson Plans
(117 KB) MS Word Format
Italy lesson plans for the above scheme of work
Italy Word Searches
(35 KB) MS Word Format
Nine wordsearches on Italy. These are ideal as activities for students to complete as soon as they enter the class room. A good 'settling' activity.
(35 KB) MS Word Format
Internet activity comparing Italy with the UK.
Assessment Instructions
(32 KB) MS Word Format
Instructions for students for an assessment which involves comparing development in the north and south of Italy using IT. The assessment documents are below.
Assessment Sheet - Able
(41 KB) MS Word Format
Assessment sheet for more able students. The assessment involves using IT to explain regional differences in levels of development in Italy. It should be saved on a computer or computer network. Students then manipulate the text - identifying human/physical factors. The students then paste these factors into a paragraph to explain differences in levels of development. Students will need the above instructions in order to complete the assessment.

Assessment Sheet - Lower Ability
(34 KB) MS Word Format

Low ability version of above.
Mark Scheme
(34 KB) MS Word Format
Mark scheme using National Curriculum Levels
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