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If you run an educational web site or you know of one not listed below please EMail the address here.  

Geography Teacher Links

Awesome Library - Links to lesson plans and ideas for Geography Teachers

Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland

Bad Meteorology - Avoid common mistakes when teaching the weather.

Bald Eagle Geo resources - A very good site containing a range of resources. Includes A-Level Geography.

Dave Wakefield's Geo Net

Education Web Adventures - An excellent site containing many on-line activities for students to complete

FGA Map Library - A Good site with lots of outline maps etc

Get ICT Going - Lots of great ideas for developing ICT in Geography

Geography Schemes of Work - Some excellent schemes of work (with a focus on ICT produced by Mary Payne from Bilton High School.

Geographical links page - Created by Schoolzone

Geography at About.com - An excellent site which contains many geography links and resourcesbrought to you from About.com

Geography and ICT at Key Stage 3 - A wide range of ideas for including ICT in theGeography National Curriculum.

Geography Games - An outstanding site containing information and activities relating to the Weather and Coastal Erosion (see activities section on this web site)

Great ideas Teaching Geography

Hampstead School Geography Department An impressive site with a range of online resources

Lonely Planet Info on most countries of the world

Map clip art - A massive collection of free map clip art. Strongly recommended!!

National Grid For Learning Virtual Teachers Centre

Oil spill web

Pearson Publishing Geography Resources

Running Water- Educational Resources

Staffordshire Learning Net - Geography Web Site - Contains a range of Geo Web enquiries and activities - Very impressive

Teaching in the learning web at USGS

Teaching resources in Geography

The Geography Exchange

The Geography Portal Best of the net - An excellent Geography resource.

The National Grid Four Seasons Project - Sustainability Quiz

The Map Guide - A comprehensive list of links to many mapping web sites

The World Wide Virtual Geography library

Urbanisation - Teaching units An excellent site by the UN. Ideal for urbanisation at Key Stage 4

Volcanoes Online - An brilliant site about plate tectonics and volcanoes. This site includes a data baseof volcanoes, games and the comic adventures of Galvin. This site also includes lesson plans for using Volcanoes Online in your classroom!!

World Environmental Change BBC's Landmarks brings you information about world environmental change. The site includes information about Wetlands Dry lands Cities The Sea and Forests

Xerox Parc Map Viewer - If you want to create a map this site is excellent

Yahoo! Geography links

Education Web Sites

Channel 4 Schools Homepage

Clip art - A huge resource developed by About.com

Epals Online classroom exchange service. Develop Email partner with other schools. An excellent resource for students

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Teaching Tools

Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work - Curriculum 2000 Schemes of work for all curriculum areas developed by theQualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies.

Lara's Loopy Links

Lesson Plans across the Curriculum

Lesson Plans Page

National Grid For Learning

Puzzlemaker - Online site for creating puzzles etc for worksheets

Teachers library - A site which contains some excellent resources (S-O-W, worksheets, pictures etc) free.

The Amazing Picture Machine

Topmarks Educational links and resources

Web Design

Clip art


Internet For Beginners

Net Magazine - Best of the Net - Lots of code and tips!

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