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GCSE Revision

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Revision - An Introduction
Syllabus Content
Revision Techniques
Revision Timetable/Action Plan

Revision - An Introduction

Revision is essential for all students if they are to achieve their full potential. This section of the Virtual Geography Department will provide advice and ideas for developing revision with Year 11.

As teachers we have ideas different to our Year 11 students as to the course content we should revise and the techniques we use to facilitate revision. In order to maximise the full potential of revision we need to use a range of techniques suitable to our students and cover topics they do not feel confident with. In order to find out the needs of our Year 11 students it is good practice to conduct a revision audit among your students. An example can be viewed here. This revision audit is designed to be completed by those students following NEAB Syllabus A. By asking your students to complete an exercise similar to this, you will then be able to develop your revision programme around their needs. Syllabus Content

Many schools prefer to produce 'in-house' revision booklets. An example can be found here (MS Word 97 - Size - 196kb).
This is an extensive revision booklet based mainly on the NEAB GCSE Geography Syllabus A - Contains many elements found in other courses

Revision Techniques

You can find information about revision techniques on the GCSE (student) revision page here Revision Timetable/Action Plan

It is a very good idea to encourage students to develop an action plan to help keep their revision well organised. See an example of an action plan here.



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Check out Revision 1 2 3
- A student guide to revision here.

View the student revision section here

Topic Audit
(MS Word 97
Size - 28kb)
A revision audit to survey your students revision needs

Key Words Activity
(MS Word 97 - Size - 60kb)
Lot's of sheets containing key geographical vocabulary and definitions mixed up. Students match up key words with definitions.

Action Plan
(MS Word 97
Size - 73kb)
An action plan to help students organise their geography revision

Revision Booklet
(MS Word 97
Size - 196kb)
An extensive revision booklet based mainly on the NEAB GCSE Geography Syllabus A - Contains many elements found in other courses

Gap Filling Exercises
Check your students knowledge of key topics with these downloadable gap-fill exercises. They are ideal as 5 minute lesson starters.

Tectonics Gap Fill
(MS Word 97
Size - 22kb)

Glaciation Gap Fill
(MS Word 97
Size - 21kb)

Tropical Rainforest Gap Fill
(MS Word 97
Size - 74kb)

Tropical Storm Gap Fill
(MS Word 97
Size - 77kb)

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