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Video Terms and Conditions

At Internet Geography we appreciate our videos will not win any Oscars. However, we do take pride in our efforts to provide real videos of real geography. Because of this we ask that you abide by our Terms and Condition of use.

You are welcome to:

1. Download videos from Internet Geography

2. Edit videos downloaded from Internet Geography to create your own (if you do we would love to see your efforts - please send to webmaster@learnontheinternet.co.uk)

3. Put videos on your VLE

4. Put videos on your website (though these are streamed from your web space not ours!)

So long as you:

1. Credit the video to: © www.internetgeography.net

You are not welcome to:

1. Claim the videos as your own work

2. Make a profit from the videos (unlikely we apprecaite but you got to cover yourself)

3. Use the video if you are a profit making organisation, without expressed permission from Internet Geography



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